Frank Berinstein


Kingston, ON. Woodturners Association

American Association of Woodturners


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Welcome to My Gallery

This website is the virtual gallery for my woodworking production.  It catalogues my work over the years, organized by types of objects such as bowls, candlesticks, etc.  You can navigate this site by types of objects.  Each item has a unique number on the website. New Work page shows my latest pieces.

My Vision

I approach woodturning as a sustainable partnership between humans and nature. Using wood already on the ground, I practice my craft as a creative collaborations with wood that allows me to respect the shapes, colours and patterns embedded in it and express them as objects that  seek to please the eye by revealing the innate beauty of nature. Each piece is unique, showing its history of growth and decline, the activity of insects, and long range weather patterns. And my imagination on any given day shifts with the patterns of my life. Woodturning, as I practice it, is a completely sustainable activity. Nature provides the materials and I add a dose of human creativity and whimsy. 

Purchasing Items From This Website

If you wish to purchase my work, please send me an email at identifying the pieces you are interested in. Please cite their website numbers. I will provide pricing and, if the item is no longer available, I can suggest similar items or arrange to create a similar item. Due to Covid-19 I will not be holding open studio until further notice.